From Hand to Cup

Ethical. Sustainable. Profitable. Practical.

The Project

From Hand to Cup is an exploration into the intricate world of the various coffees that wake up over two billion people worldwide, every morning. Told through the global journeys of two specialty coffee shop owners, Paul and Jeremy, the film traces the world’s second largest commodity from meticulously-served New York City lattes, back to the beans and the hands of the farmers that grow it in third world and developing nations.

As the two men uncover the differing cultural, economic, and ecological factors in agricultural Burundi, Brazil, Vietnam, Costa Rica, the United States and beyond, they examine the complex challenges of running a business that is both ethical and practical.

From Hand to Cup will give viewers unique access to the realities of farm life 2200 meters above sea level, as well as special insight from the world’s leading experts on both the product, the people who produce it, and consumers it’s produced for. Through the reflections and emotional journey of Paul and Jeremy, the lives they touch and are touched by along the way, as well as inside information and investigative discovery, From Hand to Cup will strive to elucidate issues within the industry including: child labor, use of chemicals and pesticides, economics in agricultural societies, migrant labor, ecological sustainability, and more. It will investigate the successes and setbacks that have occurred at every point in the supply chain, from bean to cup.

By the time the film is finished, audiences will have a deeper understanding of how their every day choices as consumers affect communities and ecosystems both on the other side of the world and in their own backyard. They will have a greater sense of where their money goes when they buy a cup at a local coffee shop vs. a bag at giant super market. And they will have joined us along the way in answering the question: Can a business be both profitable and ethical?


Benjamin Kanes